Full E3 2021 Schedule Announced As Fan Registration Opens

Credit: ESA

The Entertainment Software Association has today revealed the full schedule of events that’ll be happening at E3 2021 ahead of the event’s opening ceremony on June 12, and it is a packed list. We’re getting a number of shows from the major publishers every day of the event, and presumably, there will be several game reveals at each one. We get this schedule on the same day that fan registration opens up, presumably so that we all know what we’re getting ourselves into.

According to the E3 2021 event schedule, we’re getting major shows every day of the event. The first day will have shows from Ubisoft and Gearbox, followed the next day by the Xbox show, the Square Enix presentation, the PC Gaming Show, and the Future Games Show. Of those presentations, Square Enix has come forward to tell us exactly what we’re going to get: A deep dive on Life is Strange: True Colors, an update on Babylon’s Fall, and a brand new game from Eidos Montreal. It’s a good bet we’ll also see Far Cry 6  and Rainbow Six Quarantine from Ubisoft, and Halo from Xbox.

On Monday we get a grab bag of shows from various publishers, including Take-Two, Capcom, Mythical Games, Freedom Games, and Razer. We’ll also get an indie games showcase. Tuesday, when the show wraps, we get one last big show from Nintendo, as well as showcases from Bandai Namco and Yoreeka Games. Nintendo has gone on record to say it’s only showing software that’s coming out this year at this show — so no Nintendo Switch Pro.

This of course doesn’t take into account the other summer game shows that are happening outside of E3. We know the Summer Games Fest is happening right before E3, and it’s safe to assume Sony’s not going to let the summer pass without having at least one State of Play. In any case, E3’s now opened fan registration, meaning fans can now sign up to have access to the digital event. You can sign up for the event on E3’s site.

Source: E3 Expo