PS5-Exclusive Final Fantasy Game, Possibly Called Origin, Reportedly Coming To E3

A new report that sprang up this week hinted that we’re going to see a new Final Fantasy game during E3 — and I don’t mean Final Fantasy XVI. This game will be a spin-off action title, and it’ll supposedly be called Origin. Most of the details on this rumor come from forum posters, but if true it could mean we’re getting a lot more new Final Fantasy than we originally thought.

The report from Fanbyte sources posters on Reddit and Resetera (so, you know, take it with a grain of salt) and says that the game in question is a spin-off set in the same world as the original Final Fantasy game, which is where I assume the name comes from. According to these rumors, it’ll be an action RPG, something like a Souls-like game, and it’ll be a PS5 console exclusive with plans to eventually launch on PC.

The game is supposedly being developed by Team Ninja. The last game that the studio released was another Souls-like, Nioh 2, and it’s not clear what else they might have cooking. But they would be an ideal team to lead development on a game like this, and they have in the past worked on the Dissidia Final Fantasy series. The rumors also suggest Square Enix will release an alpha demo called “Stranger in Paradise” sometime this summer to get feedback on the game relatively early in development.

We know that Square Enix is set to make an appearance at E3, and it’s possible they’ll show both this spin-off and Final Fantasy XVI, but I think there’s also an equal chance it’ll be one or the other, so as not to muddy the waters. I would have also hoped for more details on the next chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake, but this year might be a bit too soon for that.

Source: Fanbyte