Apex Legends Dev Comments On Cosmetic Pricing

Battle royale games right now are incredibly popular. After Fortnite blew up online and it provided so much gameplay content and profit for Epic Games, it wasn’t surprising to see more developers come out with their take on the genre. We of course seen some popular titles released since then along with some poorly received games as well. However, one thing that seems to carry across all the different title releases is the fact that there is a ton of cosmetic-centered purchases for players.

Normally, the games themselves are free-to-play which gives the title to a massive audience of players right away. However, to make a profit the development team offers in-game content such as cosmetics for players to purchase and use within the game. These skins are nothing more than just a means to customize your character up a bit and usually don’t provide any kind of buff to the actual gameplay.

One of the major battle royale game titles out there that fans have taken up with is Apex Legends which comes from development studio Respawn Entertainment. This title was a surprise launch that had plenty of fans eager to dive into but on top of that, it was a free game as well. However, the price for some cosmetics is a bit more than a lot of competitors which has some fans wondering just what the reason is for such a markup.

Recently, Apex Legends devs had taken to Reddit for an AMA when one user questioned the thought process of making cosmetic skins $18. According to Ryan Rigney who is the director of communications, there are a few reasons why the price for cosmetics is a bit more than others. For starters, there is a ton of work that goes into creating the cosmetics along with QA. However, the biggest reason is that the team working on Apex Legends is relatively small so there’s a lot more work that goes into creating the skin whereas the focus of the team, in general, is aimed at gameplay. 

This hasn’t been the first time fans have questioned the price for cosmetics on Apex Legends among other feedback regarding the game. Another aspect that fans have expressed an interest in is solo gameplay rather than having to work in squads. Who knows what the future may hold for this game but regardless, there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down fans from jumping on and playing some matches with friends.

Source: Gamesardar, Reddit