Xbox & Bethesda Will Have Joint Conference Stream This Summer

Microsoft made some massive news when they announced that the company was acquiring Zenimax Media which the deal was finalized during this year. If you’re unfamiliar with ZeniMax Media, this is a company that had several studios under its umbrella. In the mix, we had Arkane Studios, id Software, MachineGames, Tango Gameworks, and of course the most popular title of the mix Bethesda Softworks. 

As a result, there were plenty of headlines about this deal and the fact that we could potentially see plenty of popular IPs soon become strictly a Microsoft exclusive release. While there has been relatively no news directly coming out about the future may hold for Bethesda, it may soon change as Microsoft is preparing a big conference that will be joined by the team over at Bethesda. This news comes from a French publication that doesn’t necessarily highlight when exactly this stream will happen.

When speaking to Matt Booty from Microsoft, it was unveiled that Microsoft and Bethesda would have a joint conference stream during this summer. Most are pinpointing that this stream will happen during E3 2021, but again we’re not clear on just when this specific stream will take place. At any rate, that stream should hopefully open up the floodgates to new announcements and details of what’s to come.

Bethesda for instance has released several hits from Fallout along with the The Elder Scrolls series and we know that their next major release is Starfield. Perhaps we’ll finally get some news about at the very least Starfield since that was supposedly a next-gen console release at the time. Of course, now being exclusively owned by Microsoft, that may change and become an Xbox Series X/S and PC platform release. 

Source: Comicbook