Horizon Forbidden West Will Make Use Of Haptic Feedback DualSense Features

Back on the PlayStation 4 library, there was one new IP that took the world by surprise and that’s Horizon Zero Dawn. Developed by Guerrilla Games who were previously known for the Killzone franchise, this open-world action RPG followed a young warrior attempting to gain insight as to who her mother is and how she became an outcast from the tribe as a baby. Set in a future world where mankind has fallen and large mechanical beasts roam freely, Horizon Zero Dawn offered a unique storyline to take on. 

While that game has gone on to be available for both PC and PlayStation 4 we know that a sequel is currently being developed and it’s slated to launch in 2021 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. We’re once again thrown back into the role of Aloy but this time around a new threat may change the world completely. A strange plague has hit the world and it’s quickly killing off all life. 

If humanity wishes to survive, they will need to track down the source of this virus and remove it completely. This virus will take players to the pacific coast but along the way, Aloy will be facing off against new mechanical beasts and hostile tribes that have claimed the land as their own. Now we know that Guerrilla Games is making use of the DualSense haptic feedback vibrations to get players a bit more immersed. 

Recently the director for the title, Angie Smets, spoke with Wired when she made note that the Haptic Feedback is something that players will get to experience now with this game franchise. It can be as insignificant as getting a feeling that you’re roaming through the tall grass as you prepare for a stealth attack. The DualSense is a brand new controller design for the PlayStation 5 that features great haptic feedback along with feedback within the triggers so it’s not surprising to see more developers are making use of this new peripheral feature for their upcoming titles. Unfortunately, we don’t know just when exactly we’ll get a chance in playing Guerrilla Game’s Horizon Forbidden West as the title is only slated to release in 2021 right now.

Source: Gamesradar, Wired