Mass Effect Legendary Edition Removes Infamous Stock Photo From Third Game

Fans are discovering that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is making several small changes to fix long-standing problems with the series. These aren’t necessarily very noticeable, and you might not even see them depending on how you play the game — one of the most important being the face of Tali’Zorah, which you can see in Mass Effect 3 if you romance her, but which left players of the original game a little disappointed.

Tali’s original picture was a stock photo of a human model clumsily edited to look alien — the model’s skin dyed blue, half of her hand cut off, and the irises and pupils in her eyes blotted out. There was no way to tell it was even Tali, except by inference from the fact that you were romancing her. The replacement photo, on the other hand, is much more obviously Tali, as she’s still in her signature purple suit and hood — the only difference being that her mask is off so the player can see her face.

It’s a small but welcome correction of something that had long bugged fans of the series — given that the player never sees Tali’s face anywhere else, having her portrait be a poorly edited stock photo was a letdown. And this isn’t the only small change that the Legendary Edition makes. We already know the original game’s Mako was getting an overhaul (a Mako-ver, if you will). Players discovered that a character’s species had been changed to make more sense within the context of his appearance.

The Legendary Edition is pulling in good numbers on Steam and has set a record for the Bioware game with the highest concurrent player count. It’s obvious that players are eager to return to the space adventures of Commander Shepard, and it’s good to see that the developers are using the chance to fix the smaller problems that eluded them the first time.

Source: Eurogamer