EA Releases Tool That Lets You Make Custom Mass Effect Art

Electronic Arts is doing its best to hype up everyone ahead of the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Today it dropped several extras related to the series, but the most interesting of them is probably the fun tool that lets you create your own version of the Legendary Edition’s artwork with your choice of squadmates.

The Legendary Edition’s artwork shows Shepard’s helmet surrounded by several of their squadmates. (You don’t have your choice of which gender of Shepard, but I suppose with that helmet it doesn’t really make any difference.) Obviously, it’s not intended to reflect the ranking of the squadmates, like the most popular one is bigger in the artwork or anything like that. Still, it might not reflect your favored squad. So now Electronic Arts offers a tool that lets you make your own version.

You select your preferred moral alignment and which planet you’d like as a background. You then select which squadmates are your favorites, your “trusted companion,” your cavalry, and your backup. Then, after you’ve made all your selections, the tool will give you a version of the artwork with your selected squadmates arranged in the order of preference you chose them. You can download your artwork as wallpaper, box art for your physical copy, or as social-friendly images. Funnily enough, not every squadmate is selectable as a “favorite” — only a handful of the most popular squadmates can occupy that hallowed position. I was happy to see my day ones, Garrus and Tali, on that list, but if you’re a fan of Kaiden, Ashley, or Grunt, you’re out of luck.

EA also released soundtracks, artbooks, and comics previously available only as bonus content for the games, making them available for anyone to download for free. These bonuses are only available until May 31 or “until download capacity is reached.”

Source: Electronic Arts