Epic Games Store Spent Over $11 Million For Free Games Over 9 Month Span

PC gamers have quite a few options to obtain video games. There are different digital marketplaces and sometimes you’ll find a good deal or two. However, for years the main dominant digital marketplace source was Valve’s Steam. It’s been around for years and it provided not only a wide range of video games but plenty of features to keep consumers purchasing content to use directly through Steam. Things had a big shakeup when Epic Games Store launched and provided some stiff competition against Valve.

For starters, Epic Games went out of their way to secure exclusive rights for several video games. These deals were able to get highly sought-after video games to be purchase and played from Epic Games Store. This wasn’t pleasing news to players that now had to split their game collection up between two sources. However, developers along with publishers were more interested in Epic Games Store in general due to providing a far better revenue split than what Valve provides on Steam. Which again, forced some players into using Epic Games Store or waiting for the timed exclusive deals to come towards an end.

The move Epic Games Store made that proved to be incredibly popular for players is the free weekly video game giveaways. Each week, Epic Games Store would provide players with a game or two that would be completely free to claim. All you had to do was make a free account and claim a copy within a week before the next free video game title was introduced. These games were not unheard of indie titles either, as there were some big notable AAA video games offered for free as well such as Grand Theft Auto V and the Batman Arkham collection.

Currently, Epic Games and Apple or in a legal battle and it’s during this legal showdown that documents came out showing just how much money Epic Games Store spent to receive free video games over nine months. This is between December of 2018 through September 2019. The document shows that Epic Games Store spent $11,579,840. Likewise this document itself shows just how much money Epic Games spent for each title such as Subnautica costing $1,400,000 to Super Meat Boy coming in at $50,000. 

Source: Twitter