Sony Confirms They Are Investing More Money For PS5 Exclusives 

This latest generation of video game console platforms didn’t have the big reveals and marketing campaigns that previous consoles had. Thanks to the worldwide health pandemic, Sony and Microsoft were pretty limited in how they could go around to showcase their new consoles for players. However, what worked out on their end was the fact that so many quarantine orders had driven up sales for video games along with their platforms. With that said, there was a major problem that we’re still facing today with these latest consoles.

Right now it’s tough getting your hands on a unit. With a short supply of electronics, there’s some difficulty in getting units out into the marketplace and even Sony confirmed that the PlayStation 5 supply will not drastically improve this fiscal year. There’s another problem Sony may have on their hands, and it’s the line of exclusives available to put out into the marketplace. Today we’re finding out that Sony is making some moves right now to hopefully grant some new content for players to enjoy this console generation.

Microsoft has been making some big moves by acquiring different studios. In fact, the ZeniMax Media purchase gave the Bethesda, which could mean that video games like The Elder Scrolls or Fallout may be future exclusives to the Xbox brand. Likewise, Microsoft’s latest move is to get subscribers on their Xbox Game Pass subscription service. This would give players access to all of Microsoft’s first-party games at launch along with a bunch of third-party video game titles for just a small monthly fee. To top it off, Microsoft is even bringing out streaming to the Xbox Game Pass service for PC players which means you won’t have to download or install these games.

Recently Sony held an investor call in which the CFO Hiroki Totoki, made note that they are investing about $180 million towards in-house and external developments. This means there will be more money spread out to provide exclusives to the PlayStation 5 with Sony even striking up deals with external development studios to provide an exclusive for the PlayStation 5. We’re not sure if these are timed exclusive deals or what studios, in particular, have been partnered with Sony, but this could provide more games to make the PlayStation 5 competitive to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service. For now, only time will tell if Sony’s investments will turn into big profits.

Source: VGC