40 Best Video Games For Oculus Quest Headsets

VR made a massive splash in the video game industry this past generation of platforms and it continues to find new ways to innovate and provide fun experiences for players. For instance, the Oculus Rift first started with a headset that required not only a powerful gaming PC at the time but multiple wires to connect and sensors. Since then there has been the release of the Oculus Quest which was recently revamped to the Oculus Quest 2. It provides everything you need to play some of the more popular VR video game titles available without the need for cameras or even a gaming PC. However, there is also the benefit of connecting a single cord to your PC which would provide the ability to enjoy VR games through your gaming PC build. If you’re a newcomer to VR or just now getting into the Oculus Quest line of headsets then here are some of the more popular experiences we recommend you check out. There’s a little bit of everything here so don’t think these games are ranked in any particular way.

#40 The Climb & The Climb 2

Ever wanted to go free climbing but within the safety of your room then we have the game for you. The Climb series is all about solo climbing where you’ll get to freely climb up mountains by grabbing onto specific ledges to reach new heights. From there, it’s all about finding new pathways to take and even attempting to reach an area faster than anyone else on the leaderboard. There are two installments available with The Climb 2 offering more mountains and even cities to ascend.

#39 Star Wars Tales from The Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge is an action-adventure game set in the Star Wars universe. Here players will go on a journey with some iconic characters like C3PO while also battling against some hostile enemies. With that said, it’s best to warn you that this is a shorter game with a slew of different objectives that are not based around lightsaber duels. There’s plenty of interactions and gameplay mechanics to keep you pulling along. If you’re wanting something more aimed at lightsaber battles then you’ll probably want to shoot for Vader Immortal which we’ll be covering a bit later in this list.

#38 Population One

If you’re after battle royale type of games then you may find some interest in Population One. This game puts two teams on a map where it’s a battle to be the last group standing. There are some elements here from other iconic battle royale games such as building up structures to protect your group from the firefight. But one of the elements that make this game a bit unique outside of being VR is the fact that players can climb up structures and leap off to glide around the map in an intense battle within the air.

#37 The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead is a massive IP. After its incredible success as a comic book, the series was soon adapted into a television series for the network AMC. Since then the franchise has been featured in video games as well which gives players a new medium to experience the popular undead universe. With The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, players take the role of a protagonist in New Orleans trying to survive with scarce supplies and undead hordes popping up. Meanwhile, during your journey, you’ll come across a slew of NPCs who may be friendly or hostile. It’s up to players what they decide to do when they meet these various characters with choices having consequences to your game.

#36 Job Simulator

Job Simulator was a hit game when it was released and a perfect title to give newcomers to VR. This is a game where players are forced into working a variety of jobs for robotic overlords. It’s a cutesy lighthearted game that will appeal to a wide range of players. Within the game, there are multiple jobs players can participate in. Here players may be working in an office, a cook in a kitchen, a car mechanic, or working as a convenience clerk. Each job will have a series of objectives or tasks for players to complete otherwise the game is free to cause as much chaotic fun as possible. There’s even a sequel of sorts for this game as well called Vacation Simulator but we’ll get into that particular title later on this list.

#35 Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a party game. Here the player in VR is trapped in a room with a bomb. All around the bomb are a series of puzzles and cryptic clues. Meanwhile, the bomb is slowly ticking down. The player trapped with the bomb must tell the other players what they are seeing. This group of players are then tasked with the job of looking through a series of manuals to figure out how to successfully disarm the bomb. With the puzzles always changing up with each game, the point of focus here is communication as you attempt to help defuse the bomb. If you take too long or mess up on a puzzle, the bomb could very well donate.

#34 Vader Immortal

 Vader Immortal is a series of experiences that are worth checking out especially if you’re a Star War fan. This game is more of a cinematic experience with players following a smuggler that gets picked up by Darth Vader himself. Tasked in figuring out a mystery by Vader’s command, players begin their journey as they explore areas, meet with a wide range of characters, and battle against enemies using a lightsaber. With that said, this is a collection of games where there are three episodes available. This may help give you that lightsaber fix after coming from Star Wars Tales From The Galaxy Edge installment.

#33 Eleven Tennis

If you enjoy table tennis then you might want to check into Eleven Tennis. This is a virtual table tennis game that allows players to challenge AI’s with a realistic physics engine. There are even mini-games available to give players something a bit more unique than just playing standard table tennis matches. However, if you’re wanting more of a challenge then you can face other opponents online. While some VR games require a ton of space around you to physically move, something like table tennis shouldn’t be too difficult to manage.

#32 Superhot VR

Superhot was a game that gained a good amount of traction before becoming a VR title. This FPS put players against red humanoid figures that were out to kill the protagonist. Using an assortment of weapons, items to throw at the enemies, or simply punching them, players are constantly in a life or death battle. However, there is one gimmick that won so many fans’ interest in this game and it’s the fact that time moves when the player moves. The slower players move then the slower your opponents move. Players could see bullets moving slowly in the air or watch as their opponents attempt to charge them. With that said, the faster you move the faster everything else moves within the world. Ultimately, this gives players the ability to think out their attacks and get a look around the world to see just what they could use to their advantage. Now the game is available through VR which gives players a more immersive and action-packed gameplay experience.

#31 Beat Saber

Beat Saber is another iconic VR title that’s available for multiple headsets. It’s a simple rhythm game that can ramp up to be quite difficult. In this game, players are going along with the soundtrack as you slice up different colored boxes with their matching lightsaber. However, there will be red barriers that will fly towards the player in which you’ll need to dodge out of the way or dunk under. If you spend too much time within the red barrier, slice too many boxes in the wrong direction, or use an opposing color lightsaber then the game ends. Meanwhile, the gameplay has a difficulty setting so as you get better, you can adjust the difficulty with each song selection. This is also a great way to work up a sweat and burn some calories.

#30 Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is an arcade FPS title set in the future. Players are tasked with battling against an assortment of robotic androids flying around. Meanwhile, players have a few handy weapons such as a gun to blast enemies, a baton that can grab onto an enemy, or a shield to protect them from being fired upon. It’s a simple game all about trying to rack up as many points as possible for the leaderboard. It’s available for $15 but if you’re wanting to give it a try then there is a free demo available as well. Likewise, it’s rated E so it’s a title suitable for all ages.

#29 FitXR

The pandemic has made going to the gym a bit tough. Some gyms are stuck with limited capacity while others are still outright closed.  If you’re looking to burn some calories from the comfort of your home then you might want to check into FitXR, it’s a box and dance fitness application that has players going through a series of movements while playing a game. With that said, this does come with a subscription service attached to continue pumping out new workouts for players to participate in.

#28 Star Trek Bridge Crew

Star Trek Bridge Crew is one game that makes use of the VR experience especially if you have friends. In this game, players will be taking on different roles onboard of the U.S.S. Aegis. There’s a wide variety of missions available and you’ll need an entire crew to get through these objectives. Here players will decide on whether they wish to be the captain, helm, tactical, or engineer. From there, the entire game is based on communication and working as a team. Meanwhile, if you complete the entire storyline, there are ongoing missions that will generate different missions for players to go through. It’s a great experience if you have a group of friends or connecting with other players online. Meanwhile, those that wish to take this game on solo can do so by switching to different posts.

#27 Gorn

Gorn is probably another VR game you’ve likely seen already in the past. It’s a mature and bloody game but one that features a cartoonish visual. In this game, players are tossed into a Colosseum where you’ll need to take out the opponents that come your way. With a wide range of muscle men that appear, players will need to use a variety of weapons to rip them apart. This includes everything from swords, maces, throwing knives, war hammers, or simply use your own hands to deliver a beating. When the last of the opponents are slain, you’ll be left standing on a bloody mess in glorious victory.

#26 Phantom Covert Ops

Phantom Covert Ops is a stealth FPS game that is a bit unique. In this title, players are going through missions within the hostile wetlands. Here your movement system is based around a kayak where you’ll paddle into the shadows, use night vision goggles to see where enemies are located, attempt to take them out using an assortment of weapons while completing your series of objectives. The game may take some time to get the controls down especially with players having to paddle around a virtual kayak but once you get through that then it’s all about strategically getting the job done without raising too many alarms.

#25 Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect is just like your standard Tetris game where you’re constantly trying to place the falling shapes, but what makes this game appealing in the VR realm is the visuals that play in the background along with the music. It’s an appealing soundtrack and a visual experience to give players something new with this iconic puzzle game. While $30 is a bit of a steep price for Tetris, the entire experience is something that most fans will tell you is worth the price of admission.  

#24 Pistol Whip

If you watched films like John Wick where the protagonist is incredibly skilled at firearms and taking out enemies with ease, then you might find Pistol Whip of interest. This is a rhythm-based FPS title where players are gunning through a variety of robotic enemies at a fast pace. Players are on a rail system with an upbeat soundtrack as you fire against enemies along the way. Fortunately, you get an indicator when they fire so you’ll have an idea where the bullets are coming from to dodge. Meanwhile, as you dodge and fire at an enemy, those that get in front of you can be pistol-whipped for a brutal melee kill.

#23 Onward

Onward is a military simulation FPS title that has players working in a team to win matches. It’s all about coordination and communication since there is no map system in place or any crosshairs to help sink some shots into an opponent. As a result, this is a pretty brutal game and not something aimed to be a run and gun. If you have a group of friends then this might be an easier game to manage. Likewise, levels may seem a bit limited as there are not too many to pick from but on the bright side, there is a nice variety of weapons here. With that said, if you’re not after a military simulation FPS title then there are a ton of other games on this list you can check into.

#22 Drunkn Bar Fight

Drunkn Bar Fight is a silly game based around a rowdy bar scene. With wacky physics, players are enjoying a night out at a pub. However, the crowd may get rough and you could initiate a bar fight. Beat characters up and use whatever object you have nearby as a weapon. This game even offers a two-player co-op so you and a friend can throw down and take out all the tough patrons. It’s a simple game and one that may let you take your bar fighting escapades in the safety of VR.

#21 Moss

Moss is a platform adventure game that you’ve likely seen before. It was around for the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR headsets before making its way on the Oculus Quest. In this game, players are taking the role of a spirit-like friend helping out a small little mouse named Quill. Destined for greatness, Quill begins her journey through harsh and unforgiving lands as she sets off to find her uncle in need. With your help, Quill may stand a chance against even the darkest of villains. It’s a mix of action-adventure along with puzzle solving. Players are not only helping defeat these enemies with Quill but guiding the mouse along her journey.

#20 VR Chat

VR Chat is a game that you’ve probably seen the most online. Everyone has been putting videos up of wacky interactions and it’s a free title so you can try it out for yourself without actually spending any money. Players can jump into a variety of different custom avatars, interact with other players, and play a variety of games. It’s a chaotic blast especially if you enjoy chatting with people. With that said, there is a subscription for players to get more favorite avatar slots, increase trust level, a support badge, custom user icons, among other benefits. However, this is completely optional and the base game can be played without spending a dime.

#19 PokerStars VR

PokerStars VR, can you guess what this game is about? Poker is a fun competitive game where you’re against other players rather than the dealer. I’m not going to explain how to play poker, but if you enjoy the game and can’t make it to the different casinos with the pandemic or just don’t want to spend any real money on the game then check out PokerStars VR. It’s a wacky style of poker game that plays the same but more lighthearted with different wacky objects you can play around with while you wait for your turn to come back around. Likewise, you can connect with your friends for a game or play against other players. With that said, it’s a bit tougher to read people when you’re just staring down at another avatar, but the game is all about enjoying a laid back poker game with some fun interactive objects like guns or a bottle of beer to play with.

#18 Gun Club VR

Gun Club VR is a game that tells you pretty much everything you need to know for the title alone. The game has a massive collection of guns that you can tweak and head into a variety of missions which are based around cardboard cutouts. From there, you need to successfully take out all the targets before jumping back and picking out another weapon. You’ll find that the weapons are developed and designed to be as realistic as possible which means not only loading the weapon realistically but also using the different gun attachments as well. Likewise, the developers recently put out a SWAT DLC which adds new events and scenarios for players to complete.

#17 Hand Physics Lab

Hand Physics Lab is a pretty neat tech demo of sorts if you’re trying to test out hand tracking with the Oculus Quest 2. Thanks to the sensors and cameras on your headset, players can use their hands rather than the touch controllers to navigate through the menus or play specific games that support this feature. In Hand Physics Lab, players are getting a slew of different puzzles or activities that will require precise hand control. There are over 80 different puzzles here with also the ability to draw and build for fun just by using your bare hands and the Oculus headset.

#16 Bigscreen Beta

Bigscreen is not a video game but it’s a title worth mentioning that you can download today in beta form. Now the experience offers a wide range of things it can do but for the most part, it’s mainly a means to connect with friends and hang out. One of the reasons this is listed here is for the ability to watch movies. Players can gather around in a virtual theater and replicate the thrill of going to the movies using either a film to purchase or through one of the Pluto free channels. During the pandemic, this is something that we can’t pull off right now, so this is a great alternative.

#15 Creed Rise To Glory

While Rocky Balboa put up his boxing gloves, the iconic fictional boxer took in a prodigy to train up in hopes of becoming one of the greatest boxers of the world. Creed Rise To Glory is a video game adaptation where players are stepping into the role of Adonis Creed. It’s what you would typically expect to see out of a boxing game with some arcade elements tossed in as well. Players will train up and practice hitting different bags before stepping into the ring and taking out the opponent. Players will dodge, weave, and block before setting up their shots in hopes of delivering some serious firepower.

#14 I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die puts players into the role of a secret agent. Just like with any good spy film, there’s always a moment where the evil antagonist captures the hero and puts him in a room where the protagonist is seemingly helpless. That’s exactly what this whole game is about with players in difficult rooms or lairs as you attempt to solve the puzzles and break free. Trapped in this dangerous world full of plots to kill the player, you’ll need to use your cunning wits and escape with your life. This is quite a bit like an escape room type of game but with the settings all based around being a spy such as trapped in a car with an explosive or in a laboratory.

#13 In Death Unchained

If you’re into rouge-lites then check out In Death: Unchained. This is a game where players are battling against all kinds of different enemies. From crusaders to demonic beasts, it’s all about clearing out the area and progressing forward with your trusty bow and arrow. Don’t expect an easy game either as this title can be pretty tough with players having to be careful with where they go and how to take out an enemy. If you die, which will likely happen quite a bit, it’s another tough climb. So far, this is one of the more popular Oculus Quest games through the official Oculus marketplace. The developers are even adding more content into the game with seasons which brings out more maps, achievements among other content.

#12 Real VR Fishing

Love fishing but just can’t make it out to the water enough for your liking? You’re in luck with Real VR Fishing as it’s a simulation fishing game that’s quite atmospheric. Some fishing games in general can be a bit stale but with Real VR Fishing, players have the immersion of being on a boat or down on the shore, casting their line out, and attempting to hook a specific type of fish breed. There’s a ton of different fish that can be caught and likewise, there is a wide variety of areas to fish within. From different lakes, rivers, nearby cities, lagoons, and shores. Players will cast out their line and listen to nature or watch a flock of birds pass by. It’s quite a calming VR experience.

#11 Contractors

If you enjoy competitive FPS games then you might find some enjoyment from Contractors. Players have a variety of weapons to use with different attachments such as better scopes. Likewise, there are plenty of missions available either offline as solo play or through co-op. What makes things even more interesting is the different game modes here as well. It’s not just a team deathmatch setup. Instead, other iconic modes are based on completing objectives. You’ll find plenty of players online with this game and we’re fortunate enough that the developers brought the title over onto the Oculus Quest after first coming out to the Oculus Rift headset.

#10 Myst

Myst is an iconic adventure game that’s been around for ages. We probably don’t need to explain what this game is, but for the most part, players are trapped on an island. There’s a ton of puzzles here to solve as you attempt to uncover a family betrayal. This VR adaptation is a reimagining of the classic game which was built for VR so you can expect quite a bit of updated visuals. There’s even some puzzle randomization added into the mix for players wanting more of a challenge. If you love puzzle adventure games and haven’t played Myst then this is your chance. Likewise, even if you’re a fan of the classic game, this reimagining is worth trying out.

#9 Swarm

Swarm is quite the intense FPS that might not be the best title to throw a new player into right away, but if you got your VR sealegs, then this is a game worth trying out. Earth is being invaded by an alien race and you’re left standing as humanity’s savior. Being an invasion, aliens are flying above in the air which forces players to swing around these levitating platforms. It’s quite a bit like a futuristic Marvel’s Spider-Man game if Peter Parker was also packing heat. Swing around, aim for a devastating shot and blast your enemies to smithereens.

#8 Robo Recall Unplugged

There’s been plenty of movies and games brought out that features a similar storyline setup. Mankind creates advanced android robotics and over time they become so advanced that practically everyone has one to make their daily routines a bit easier. However, something unhinges these androids and they become fierce killing machines. This is where you step in. Players are taking the role of a recall agent that’s forced into taking down these androids by force. Players will use a variety of weapons to blast lead into these robots, grab them for up close dismantlement or blast them to bits with a firearm. Fans can expect an over-the-top arcade action game with this title and years after its release, the game still holds up incredibly well.

#7 Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja, come on, everyone knows about this game right? It was a title that practically we all had on our phones at one point or another. The game threw players into a role of a ninja slicing up fruit, but in the mix was a slew of bombs. Avoid the bombs and slice the fruit. Simple enough right? Wrong. Because the fact that the bombs are constantly being added in randomly with more fruit being tossed in the air made things chaotic. Now you can enjoy the iconic smartphone game through VR. Slice and dice my friends.

#6 Jurassic World Aftermath

Jurassic Park sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The ability to see extinct dinosaurs in the flesh as a tourist zoo setup. However, if those movies taught us anything, it’s that humans should never play god. If you’re up for a bit more of an intense experience then check into Jurassic World Aftermath. This is a game where players crash into Isla Nublar during a mission of recovering vital information. However, just because you crash land doesn’t mean the mission is off, players will need to venture around the game and attempt to find the information and escape with their life. The only thing standing in your way is a herd of deadly dinosaurs. Keep stealthy to avoid their attention, solve a slew of puzzles and attempt to distract these fierce beasts to make a quick getaway.

#5 Hyper Dash

Hyper Dash is a competitive FPS where players take on android characters and battle against each other in a series of game modes. With an assortment of weapons to use, this is pretty much what you would expect from a VR FPS game. However, the difference here is the way players can drift around the map using the rail system. Connecting to a rail, players can quickly dash around the map and gun players down or reach a destination point a bit quicker. With that said, players are not strictly on a rail system the entire time as they can freely move around and if you’re not up for an online competitive match, there is an offline mode with bots.

#4 Richie’s Plank Experience

Easily one of the more recognizable VR video games out there, especially when VR was just getting a big boom these past several years is Richie’s Plank Experience. This is something that you might have even seen at different public events, where there’s a plank of wood and a VR headset for players to attempt their fear of heights. That’s really all you need to make things immersive for this game. Players toss on the headset and the game puts players into an elevator where on the top floor, the doors open with a single plank of wood to walk out on.

#3 The Room VR

I’m sure you’re all familiar with The Room franchise. It’s been around for a good while with installments putting players into basically a single room with some cryptic set pieces. It’s up to you to figure out just how to get out. Now we have a VR adaptation of this franchise with The Room VR: A Dark Matter. Here the storyline is about solving the disappearance of an egyptologist from The British Institute of Archaeology. Players will need to explore the area, find pieces that connect and slowly unlock areas and mythical mysteries. If you ever enjoyed the different escape room events, but due to the current pandemic going on limiting the ability to attend them, here’s a great alternative.

#2 Topgolf With Pro Putt

Remember hanging out with friends and engaging in sports or fun activities? During this pandemic stage, we’re still trying to reach a level of normalcy, but it’s a bit difficult still so connecting with friends through other means like video games has proven to be a big hit. For the golf enthusiast out there, Topfgolf With Pro Putt offers some fun relaxing activities that can be played either by yourself or connect with a group of friends. Players can compete in different putt putt courses or just hit golf balls onto the green. Of course, you don’t have to just play with friends as you can enjoy a game by yourself.

#1 Vacation Simulator

Vacation Simulator comes from the same development team behind Job Simulator. It’s pretty much just like Job Simulator as well but with a new setting to play around within. Here the robotic overlords want to understand why humans vacation and it’s up to you to help them. There’s a slew of activities to partake in when you jump into this world and complete a variety of quests that adds onto the story or areas to explore. The activities range from building up a sandcastle, painting, to working a makeshift vendor booth, a bit like the convenience clerk job from the Job Simulator days. It’s quirky, fun, and overall a great game to get anyone started in VR.