DieselStörmers Just Got Fully Funded On Kickstarter

Black Forest Games has successfully acquired funding for their latest Kickstarter, multiplayer side-scroller run’ n ‘gun DieselStörmers.

At its core, DieselStörmers is a run’ n ‘gun. You move left to right fighting off an incoming orc horde, in a world that’s equal parts mechanical and medieval. However, there are deeper gameplay elements at play as well.

To take back the land of Ravensdale, you have to accomplish particular missions, such as sabotage, rescue, or assassination. This translates in-game to taking on fierce bosses or reaching a goal within a time limit.

The world has also been designed to have hazards, that fit in with the story. At various parts you’ll come across pits of oil, mined areas, fire hazards, etc. You can trick your enemies into falling into these hazards, but they can also combine to hurt you.

The best part of the game, however, is the cooperative element. Thanks to the Arc Connector, you are rewarded for well coordinated play with a megaweapon. This is a megaweapon that needs everyone to work together, so you won’t want to go through these levels alone.

You may remember Black Forest Games as the team behind Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams. They were able to get that game fully funded and released in 2012, and it also received the distinction of being one of the 1st games that went through Steam Greenlight.

Black Forest couldn’t make lightning strike twice last year with their second Kickstarter pitch, Project Ravensdale, and so they spent the time between that project and now on work-for-hire projects and pooling resources for this pitch.

Black Forest came out with an update thanking fans for funding DieselStörmers, and outlining a $ 55,000 stretch goal for early access in July. Note that they do not name Steam since they haven’t passed through Greenlight yet, but they may also put up the resources for distribution themselves in case that doesn’t come to pass.

DieselStörmers is planned for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and they have plans to bring the game to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U. You can still watch the Kickstarter pitch below to see what it’s all about.