New Warzone Map Leaks Despite Activision’s Containment Attempts

Credit: Activision

A new overhaul of the Verdansk map from Warzone has allegedly leaked ahead of the next event, and Activision is doing its darnedest to suppress the footage. The footage could still be a strange April Fool’s joke, but if it’s not, it suggests we’re going to get an 80s makeover to the map.

The map was first leaked on Twitter, and the footage of it shows an 80s-themed overhaul of Verdansk, including very short glimpses of an unfinished stadium and the dam which appears to be under construction as well — at least, I think that’s what it is. The footage is a little difficult to make out. VGC’s Andy Robinson said on Twitter: “The leaked footage seems to confirm what I was told last year: that the new Warzone map will be an evolution of Verdansk, rather than an entirely new design, with many areas remaining with an 80s makeover.”

But if you’re trying to find the footage of this leak, good luck: Activision’s doing whatever it can to keep users from seeing these leaks. It issued a takedown notice to the Twitter user that posted the map. A video allegedly showing the map on YouTube has been hit with a copyright claim. Activision has apparently been attempting to keep these leaked details under control, but that’s just making everyone more interested in what the new map is going to look like. At the time of this writing, the footage can still be found on Reddit.

Activision didn’t try so hard to suppress leaked details about the upcoming Call of Duty 2021, though to be fair that leak did not include video evidence. According to VGC, the new map transition will happen after some event related to the map’s nuclear warheads. We’ll have to wait until later this month — allegedly April 22 — to see whether that happens.

Source: Video Games Chronicle