Call of Duty 2021 Reportedly Returning to WW2 Setting

Leaks around the new Call of Duty game, set to release later this year, gives us an idea of what kind of game we can expect from the venerable franchise. I advise everyone to take the news with a little bit of a grain of salt, but if it’s true, it’ll still be exciting, because we’re getting yet another historical first-person shooter.

According to reports from Modern Warzone, the new game is going to be set in World War II and is codenamed Vanguard. It’s allegedly being developed by Sledgehammer Games, the developers of CoD: WW2 and Advanced Warfare. We know that Activision is planning to release something in Q4 thanks to an earnings call earlier this year, in which it mentioned “another strong premium release planned for Q4 in 2021.”

Modern Warzone also reports that the setting isn’t just the historical WW2, but that parts of it will be set in the 50s, suggesting that we could be playing in an alternate future in which WW2 didn’t end in 1945 — sort of a Wolfenstein: The New Order kind of thing. But Eurogamer later debunked this rumor, saying the setting would be WW2 as we know it. Still, it suggests that parts of the game could be about the aftermath, which would be very interesting.

The report also mentions that Activision is planning to keep investing in Warzone, with Modern Warzone adding, “Each and every Call of Duty title for at LEAST the next 5 years will have its own footprint on Warzone.” The runaway popularity of Warzone has no doubt changed the way Activision plans to release its CoD titles. There are rumors that the reveal of the game — which, if it follows series tradition, will be in a couple of months — will happen within Warzone, but we don’t know how true that is.

Source: Modern Warzone