First PSVR 2 Controller Images Revealed

VR really blew up this past generation of console platforms. With PC VR headsets proving to be a popular piece of hardware along with Sony bringing out the PSVR for the PlayStation 4, consumers really had a diverse set of VR headset options to pick up. However, the PlayStation VR headset system was unveiled to be compatible with the PlayStation 5 and since that announcement, Sony has came out to unveil that they are working on a new headset called the PSVR 2.

With the new headset, plenty of consumers were wondering just what this could mean for the controllers. Previously, Sony offered the PlayStation Move wand controllers for players to interact in the VR realm, but these controllers were pretty lackluster compared to the PC VR headset alternatives. Now, it looks like Sony has decided to reveal their upcoming VR controllers.

The new controller design looks to take a page out of the Oculus playbook. They are shaped incredibly similar and features the same style of tracking and finger touch detection. However, the Sony team looks to be bringing out the same style of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback that we are used to with the DualSense controller.  As a result, this controller may help give players a bit more of an immersive feel when they jump into VR on the PlayStation 5.

For now, all we have are a few pictures and no trailer footage on the upcoming controllers. Likewise, we’re still waiting for Sony to unveil the PSVR 2. Outside of making note that the headset was being developed Sony has yet to market the upcoming hardware. At the very least, it looks like Sony is still going to push VR into this generation of console gaming after Microsoft continues to avoid VR with the Xbox platforms.

Source: PlayStation Blog