Xbox Series X Leaked System Message Makes Note Of VR [UPDATE]


It looks like Microsoft has commented on the message alert. According to a statement given at The Verge, the VR message was a localization error, and that VR is currently not a focus for the Microsoft team at this time.

Original Story…

VR really blew up the last-generation of console platforms. While it started on the PC platform for consumer-based headset models, it eventually moved to the PlayStation 4 with even more players getting access to the world of VR. Furthermore, it allowed more development studios to develop interesting and unique VR game experiences for players to enjoy. Meanwhile, Microsoft stayed away from the idea.

That might change as it looks like an IGN Italy report made note that the new Xbox wireless headset connected to the new Xbox console platform was bringing up a new alert message referencing VR. There were more messages outside of the initial pop-up that was also making note of VR so that has left plenty of speculation that Microsoft may be interested in bringing out a VR headset into the marketplace.

If we don’t get a brand new headset from Microsoft then there’s a chance that maybe other headsets on PC could be compatible with the console platform. For now, this is all speculation as there’s no official word on the VR message leak that has started to spread online. With that said, Sony is no stranger to its interest in keeping the VR headset platform alive and thriving on the PlayStation 5 platforms.

While Sony was able to bring out the PSVR headset to the PlayStation 4 and continue its support on the PlayStation 5, it looks like the company was also working on a successor. We don’t know anything outside of the new headset only using a single cord to connect onto the PlayStation 5. Currently, it looks like Sony is working on the VR headset for a future release, but when that will be remains to be seen at this point. 

Source: Comicbook 

Source Update: The Verge