Rainbow Six Quarantine Technical Test Listing Uncovered

We don’t usually see any shortage of Tom Clancy video game installments. In fact, one of the past releases for this game is still thriving with an online community today. I’m of course referring to Rainbow Six Siege which is a massively popular online tactical FPS that sparked not only tournament events but a fun multiplayer competitive title to enjoy online. However, there’s another game in the works that likely will have the same overall style of competitive gameplay but with a twist to the premise. Ubisoft had unveiled Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine back in 2019 during E3 and since then we’ve been waiting on gameplay footage along with more details as to what players can expect. 

Still, it looks like this will be a multiplayer game that throws players against an alien parasite that turns humans into hostile creatures. As a result, players are forced to work together and fight off the creatures or helping each other to refrain from turning into a monster if infected. While we’re waiting for gameplay footage to showcase the title, fans have looked at a special timed event in Rainbow Six Siege called Operation Chimera as what we can likely expect this game to look like when it does launch.

There’s also a chance we may see this video game get a rename treatment as the word quarantine may be a bit unfavorable in today’s market. With that said, there’s been a long gap of news for this game and it may have some fan’s worries. Fortunately, it looks like things will be landing on a positive note here soon. If you haven’t caught the news already, it looks like a beta may be planned for players.

Spotted as a listing through the Microsoft Store it looks like Ubisoft is preparing for a technical test for this upcoming video game. That would usually mean that betas are planned out for players to enjoy and test to see if this game is worth playing while developers continue to receive important information on the gameplay such as what players enjoy or are not fond of. There’s no official announcement on the matter quite yet so we’re waiting to see if this technical test is actually legitimate or not.

Source: Comicbook