Halo TV Series Producer Says They Can’t Satisfy Everyone

The Halo franchise is a massive one and it’s also an IP that’s helped Microsoft move consoles in the past. However, with this behemoth of a video game franchise, there’s bound to be plenty of spin-off titles and even new adaptations. We’ve seen novels to comic books in the past, but now we’re getting ready for a television series adaptation that has plenty of fans wondering if the project will be able to deliver or not.

Halo’s television adaptation doesn’t have much to showcase at this point. It’s not surprising as we’re still going through a worldwide health pandemic outbreak that affected several industries around the world. Although things have since picked back up and we’re left waiting on just when we can get our first real glimpse into the show with a trailer or teaser. For some of us, we may need to curb our expectations for this series.

A producer for Halo in not only the video game industry but also this television series, Kiki Wolfkill, recently spoke to Comicbook on how the project is allowing the creative team to offer certain burdens in the series than what the video games allow. I think we’re all expecting some new moments that are featured in the show which wasn’t covered previously in the video game franchise. With that said, Kiki also made note that you can’t satisfy everyone as there are so many fans and perspectives for the Halo television series.

While there’s bound to be plenty of fans from the video game franchise, we can expect newcomers as well to see what all the hype is about for the television series. Although, it will also be interesting to see how many subscribers this brings to Paramount+ since the series was transitioned from Showtime to this streaming service. Only time will tell, although the series is not the only thing Halo fans can look forward to as we’re still waiting for the next big video game installment to make its way out into the marketplace, Halo Infinite.

Source: Comicbook