Undertale Finally Comes To Xbox And Game Pass This Week

Indie cult classic Undertale is finally coming to Xbox, six whole years after it originally launched on PC. The game will be released on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on March 16. It’s coming to the console via Xbox Game Pass and the Microsoft store, meaning you’ll be able to play it on your console whether you’re a Game Pass subscriber or not.

Undertale is basically the indie RPG, turning traditional genre gameplay loops upside down. The last time Undertale was released was in 2018, when it was released for the Switch. It’s also been released for Linux, the Vita, and the PS4 (and presumably the PS5 by extension). That means Xbox gamers have been waiting a long time to see this game on their consoles. The game will be available to non-Game Pass users via the Microsoft Store for $14.99, though it doesn’t support Xbox Play Anywhere.

Be aware the version of Undertale available on consoles is different from the PC version, and you won’t be able to transfer saves between the two systems. The announcement reads: “While the Xbox version provides for a largely similar experience, there are a few Xbox-specific enhancements designed to make for a more comfortable time for those playing on a home console. Because of these, progress and save data between the two versions are unfortunately not compatible.”

The tradeoff, however, is that there is some kind of exclusive content: “…the Xbox version features its own little…shrine, one might say…of exclusive content to look out for.” Toby Fox, Undertale’s creator, said on Twitter that they’d added “that really small slot machine,” but whether that’s the only new addition, we don’t yet know. The Nintendo Switch release got the exclusive Mad Mew Mew boss fight, so I wonder if there may be further secret additions to discover.

Source: Xbox Wire