Borderlands 3 Planned Director’s Cut DLC Gets Delayed

It’s been quite the wait but in 2019 we finally got the next mainline installment to the Borderlands franchise. Borderlands 3 launched which featured a plot aimed around stopping Troy and Tyreen Calypso from taking over the power of the Vaults scattered across the galaxy. If you played the previous installments to the Borderlands franchise then you’re going to be right at home with Borderlands 3.

This is still very much a loot-driven FPS where players can team up in parties of four as you go through wacky quests, gather new gear, and fight off a slew of enemies. Best of all, Borderlands 3 will be supported as the development team over at Gearbox has confirmed additional content is coming for the game in the form of paid DLC. Unfortunately, one of those DLC plans got delayed after the development studio alerted fans this week of their Director’s Cut being pushed into April.

It’s not unusual to see video game titles get delayed out of their planned release dates. These things happen quite often and for good reason, as it allows the developers to further tweak the game and get it ready for a successful launch. Now they are not always successful as we can point towards Cyberpunk 2077, a game that was delayed multiple times before launching the title into an unplayable state for some platforms. Still, this latest delay announcement won’t be pushing Borderlands 3 too far away from its initial release date.

This delay announcement came from the official Borderlands Twitter account that alerted fans that this game add-on is now slated to launch on April 8, 2021. Thanks to the unexpected weather conditions that Texas had gone through Gearbox was forced into delaying their game. It wasn’t long ago that Texas made some big headlines because of the bizarre winter storm forcing so many citizens without power in freezing temperatures. As a result, the studio is needing a bit more time to get things back on track for their project.

Source: Twitter