Nintendo Switch Pro Leak Suggests Launch Next Year

The video game industry is full of rumors and speculations on what is coming out. Countless development teams are working hard at new and exciting video game titles. However, there’s far fewer working on hardware. We mainly have three big contenders right now for video game console platform which is Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. While Sony and Nintendo have recently brought out their latest-generation video game console platforms into the marketplace, Nintendo has been keeping things still on the Nintendo Switch.

It’s been stated before that we have a good ways to go before we reach the end of the Nintendo Switch life cycle. However, that hasn’t stopped an influx of rumors of what Nintendo is planning to bring out shortly. One of the popular rumors that have come out is a Nintendo Switch Pro which is essentially an upgraded version of what we currently already have. Right now, for the Nintendo Switch platform, we have the standard model which comes with the ability to dock the system for your home television display usage while there’s a portable-only version called the Nintendo Switch Lite.

This professional upgraded version is nothing new. We’ve heard rumors for a good while now about an enhanced model that could provide more power for developers along with a better screen resolution and battery life. However, the latest rumor comes from an industry insider by the name of NateDrake who has alerted fans that from what they know, Nintendo will be bringing out a Nintendo Switch Pro model next year. That’s not too far-fetched as we typically see enhancements to consoles and Nintendo could be working on something for a big delivery in 2022.

If NateDrake is correct, then Nintendo will make some kind of formal announcement to begin marketing the upcoming model likely sometime this year. Of course, with so many issues with securing units for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms still, it’s likely going to be just as difficult of a console platform to secure. For now, we can only wait and see just what Nintendo ends up announcing later this year.

Source: Comicbook, Resetera