Loop Hero: How To Unlock The Secret Boss Battle | Hidden Bosses Spawning Guide

Loop Hero is a strange little indie rogue-like that’s exploded on Steam recently, plopping your hero through a looping adventure with some very retro style graphics. Instead of facing random dangers, you’ll place the dangers yourself — using a customizable deck of cards, you’ll drop tiles into your hero’s path to prepare them for the final encounter with the evil Lich.

It’s a super unique game, and even the hidden secrets are incredibly unique. There’s a secret boss you can summon by performing a very specific set of tricks. The battle itself is really hard, but the summoning isn’t too bad if you know what to do. The method to summon the secret boss was discovered through the tireless efforts of Loop Hero fans on the Loop Hero subreddit, so all credit goes to them for figuring this very weird Easter egg out.

Spawning The Secret Boss | Preparations

To spawn the secret boss, you’ll need to complete Act 2 and collect a set of specific AOE cards. The boss can be spawned on any act or map. You’ll need to add 5 of the following cards to your deck.

  • Add 5 of these cards to your deck.
    • Battlefield
    • Beacon
    • Bloody Grove
    • Bookery
    • Chrono Crystals
    • Roadside Lantern
    • Temporal Beacon
    • Vampire Mansion

You can pick any 5 of these cards. You’ll also need the Oblivion card — that one is required to activate the boss spawn.

Image Source: [u/LuckyCritical]

How To Spawn The Secret Boss

Place 5 of the AOE cards listed above and the Oblivion card in your deck, then start any map on any act. You need to find a “U”-shaped curve on the map — it can be pointed in any direction. In this area, you need to place 5 of your AOE tiles so the effects are overlapping on the “U”-shaped curve.

If you place the tiles correctly, one of the tiles will begin to glow with blue sparks. Place the Oblivion tile on the blue sparks to generate the secret boss. And that’s it!

The boss is incredibly hard, so you’ll really have to prepare to beat it. To make things easier, you can also bring more than 5 of the required cards listed above — you can bring all of them for a higher chance at getting the right cards and placing them all.