Minecraft Dungeons Is Turning Into An Arcade Game

Minecraft is a game that everyone is already familiar with. You have a massive IP that’s been featured in countless lists, features, and recommendations between friends all around the world. Now that it’s been around for years, it’s tough to find someone that’s not familiar with Minecraft. With that said, there may be a few that might not realize that there is a spin-off title available right now. We’re referring to Minecraft Dungeons, a title that is based around classic dungeon crawling.

Instead of placing blocks or building worlds, the development studio at Mojang developed a dungeon crawler where your goal is to head deep within the ruins in search of loot. Players will find that the game offers procedurally generated worlds so you’ll constantly guess where to venture off into the abyss. There are some differences in this particular installment that you would find in other dungeon crawlers. This is a very easy starter experience for players new to the genre. You won’t have any class-based locks which means that any equipment you come across is usable with every member of your party.

Now we’re finding out that the video game was developed to be an upcoming arcade release. That means if you have a popular local arcade near you, which is a bit rarer these days, then you might wander inside one day and find the Minecraft Dungeons cabinet. For now, it might be a bit of a difficult game to find as the announcement for this cabinet came with notice of the arcade cabinet being sent out in testing phases. 

For now, it’s difficult to pin down just how many units will be available during this test phase and just how long this phase will be. With that said, you can find that this cabinet will release with four-player support so you and some friends or other players within the arcade can enjoy this game alongside you. Of course, you can still purchase this game for console and PC platforms right now. You can check out our Before You Buy episode coverage down below.

Source: Minecraft