Forever Entertainment Is Working On Remakes For Square Enix IP 

Square Enix has been around for ages now and their catalog of video games has been enjoyed by so many fans worldwide that the studio has become a staple name in the video game industry. However, it looks like the company is letting a studio handle some of their past IPs to bring out remakes into the marketplace. 

Today we’re finding out that the development studio located in Poland, Forever Entertainment, is bringing out a series of remakes for Square Enix. This was sent out through a press release that alerted media of a partnership between Forever Entertainment and Square Enix, but the details of their first video game release will have yet to be revealed. It’s worth pointing out that this is not the first video game project Forever Entertainment has handled for Square Enix either. These are the folks that handled another remake from Square Enix just a couple of years ago.

If you don’t recall, Forever Entertainment brought out Panzer Dragoon: Remake into the marketplace back in 2019. It would seem that Square Enix was impressed with their work and have started a new partnership on a single IP but this single IP has several video game installments available. This would mean that Forever Entertainment is going to be handling a multitude of video game titles.

Again, we don’t know just which IP in particular the Poland development studio will be working on. It’s said that both companies will be holding out from revealing the projects until a later date. For now, most of the attention for Square Enix is the set of remakes for Final Fantasy VII which has recently been revealed to receive a port for the PlayStation 5. For now, we’ll have to keep tabs on both companies in hopes that we get a reveal sooner than later.

Source: Gamesradar