Tarsier Studios Has Two Projects Currently In Development

When it comes to Tarsier Studio, the development team has been around since 2004 where they helped bring out a few video game titles along with DLC. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that the studio found some bigger success with the Little Nightmares release. It was a different kind of platform title as it took players into the role of a young child that was forced to stay in a cruel and horrifying world. It was up to the player to successfully escape this dangerous world and free the protagonist.

After the first installment was released, it seemed like Tarsier Studios was done with the IP but it came as a surprise announcement that a sequel was in the works. That video game has since been released into the market and again it was another success that had players wanting more of this horrifying world that the studio created. It was during the development of Little Nightmares 2 that the studio was acquired by another company called Embracer Group. 

Unfortunately, it’s been unveiled that Tarsier Studios was being moved on to other projects and new IPs. As a result, if another installment was to come out for Little Nightmares, Tarsier Studios wouldn’t be attached. While we don’t know just what the studio is working on, we do know that two projects are being developed. This news doesn’t come with any kind of an announcement but rather job listings.

A set of job postings for Tarsier Studios has been uploaded online that is seeking several employees to step into the studio to bring out two video games. Within the job posting the studio makes note that they are not ready to announce what either game is about or what genres they are in. It would seem that these game projects are early on into the series, but we’ll be keeping a close for any new information that happens to come out from the development team.

Source: Gamesradar