PlayStation Head Brings Up God of War Ragnarok 

It doesn’t need to be said but God of War was such a massive hit franchise when it was first released back on the PlayStation 2. Since then the franchise has been featured in all the major console platforms and even handheld systems that Sony brought out for the most part. Fans can’t get enough of Kratos as he sought vengeance against the Greek mythological gods. 

However, after the final installment wrapped for the Greek mythology wrapped for the PlayStation 3, some of us assumed that might have been it for Kratos. Of course, we now know that God of War was just getting started as 2018 saw a reboot of sorts. God of War, a soft reboot for the PlayStation 4 where the game took players into Norse mythology with Kratos watching over his son Atreus. 

Just as before, God of War on the PlayStation 4 was a massive hit and we knew that there would be more story to tell from this franchise when the game concluded. Once again, it looks like the developers agree and we’re receiving a sequel for the PlayStation 5. We don’t know much about what this upcoming God of War Ragnarok will bring but it has plenty of fans excited to dive into the game. Some of those fans are employees of PlayStation.

One particular individual who is in the know for the franchise is the head of PlayStation studio Hermen Hulst. Recently, Sony’s official blog released a post showcasing what employees are most excited for when it comes to the upcoming video game lineup. It was during this post that Hermen Hulst spoke of his interest in the upcoming God of War sequel. 

“Playing God of War in 2018 was a great experience for me. That series has always had amazing action and combat, but the emotional depth Santa Monica brought to Kratos’ story as a father was very memorable – especially since my son was only a little bit older than Atreus when I played it. So to see and hear the reaction to that tiny glimpse we unveiled at the PlayStation Showcase last September was very exciting. I can’t wait for people to see what Santa Monica is making.” 

Not only did Hermen Hulst seemed extremely excited to get his hands on God of War Ragnarok when it’s completed but he also expressed his love for the franchise in general. There’s plenty of fans out there who are also just as excited to get their hands on a copy of the game which is slated to happen at some point this year.

Source: PlayStation