Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Director Reveals Why They Cut Multiplayer Out

BioWare has made some truly remarkable video games over the years. These folks know how to deliver in some narrative-driven RPG titles as their projects tend to do well. One of the game franchises that did great when it launched into the marketplace was Mass Effect, which had a narrative that spanned three mainline installments. This trilogy was first released back in 2007 and while fans would still suggest new players to check the game out, BioWare is doing something that newcomers and veteran players will appreciate.

The developers are bringing out Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. This is a remastered collection of the first three mainline installments which gives players not only improved visuals but some mechanic tweaks as well. There’s even the DLC that will come packed with this game although there is one DLC in general that didn’t make the cut. Due to corrupt files, the developers opted to scrap the DLC in favor of continuing work on other aspects of the game. Unfortunately, that’s not the only major cut from this game as we are finding out that the multiplayer component was also dropped.

When it was unveiled that the Pinnacle Station was scrapped due to the corrupt files, we got more of an explanation as to why the developers opted to leave it out. It was revealed that the developers had the option to go ahead and completely remake this DLC from the ground up. However, if they went this route then it would have set production back on the entire game which the developers decided to scrap the DLC instead. That’s essentially what happened with the multiplayer component.

Mac Walters, the game director behind Mass Effect: Legendary Edition told Game Informer that adding the multiplayer component from Mass Effect 3 was considered. The problem was that there would have been a lot more work requires along with support after the game launched. As a result, this component was scrapped as well. While fans seem fine with the Pinnacle Station DLC being scrapped mainly because of its lackluster reception initially, the multiplayer from Mass Effect 3 was something fans enjoyed. This will be quite the bummer for some but at the very least you’ll still have the main campaigns and plenty of DLC content to go through.

Source: Games Radar, Game Informer