Rockstar Games Studio Had Computers Stolen 

Rockstar Games might be best known for their Grand Theft Auto franchise. The company has been delivering installments to the IP for several years and right now we’re all still waiting for the announcement of a Grand Theft Auto 6. However, it looks like Rockstar Games was a target for a crime spree which is a big turnaround for what the company offers in the video game medium. Recently, the studio was hit by a criminal stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

It was reported this past weekend that a suspect was found with over $66,000 worth of equipment from a Rockstar Games office. A female at the age of 30 had broken into the offices of Rockstar Games on Christmas Eve. From there, she was able to snatch up computer equipment although it’s uncertain as to what her end goal was with the equipment. 

For now, it doesn’t appear that there were any leaks or compromises made in which content would have been spoiled for whatever was on the computer equipment. In fact, the items have already been delivered to the premises. This is not the only target the female made for stolen equipment. It’s believed that the suspect was also responsible for other thefts as well such as a stolen iPhone.

It seems that the secrets of what Rockstar Games has planned are still intact. If you were hoping for leaks that would suggest what Grand Theft Auto 6 might be about then you’re out of luck. All we have at the moment are a few supposed rumors such as the upcoming game being centered around a female protagonist. If you’re wanting more information then you’ll have to wait around for an official reveal trailer to make its way out into the public.

Source: Global News