Life is Strange Creator Splits Off Square Enix Partnership

Most of you will probably know Dontnod Entertainment best for their video game release Life is Strange. This was a breakout hit for the developers as they delivered a narrative-driven game filled with twists and turns, not to mention an emotional conclusion. However, they also went on to bring out other titles as well such as Vampyr, Twin Mirror, and Tell Me Why. Now it looks like the partnership with Square Enix has come to an end.

Dontnod Entertainment didn’t have a long-lasting partnership with Square Enix. They only had two games developed with Square Enix as their publisher which was Life is Strange and its sequel Life is Strange 2. Outside of those two video game titles, Dontnod Entertainment has worked with other publishers such as Xbox Game Studios, Focus Home Interactive, and Capcom. 

Now it looks like Dontnod Entertainment has received some funding from Tencent which is allowing the studio to self-publish titles into the marketplace, the first of which was Twin Mirror. That might have been a game that went under the radar for some people. It’s a full game release that came out in December of last year, but the hype of Cyberpunk 2077 might have hurt this game from really being showcased online. With this new funding, it looks like Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment have parted ways.

This information comes from Emily Rogers, an industry insider, and reporter for Nintendo World Report. According to Emily, the partnership ended a long time ago and Life is Strange will be handled by Deck Nine going forward, the development team that worked on Life is Strange: Before The Storm. We’re uncertain just what the next chapter holds for the franchise, but it seems that this IP will continue while giving Dontnod Entertainment more creative freedom.

Source: gamerant, Twitter