Rumor Suggests Death Stranding: Extended Edition Will Be Revealed Soon

Hideo Kojima is a legendary developer who is known for his work at Konami. Bringing out the likes of Metal Gear Solid, Kojima has really made a name for himself. However, things as you likely know got a bit rocky over at Konami. While in the process of bringing out a new installment to Silent Hill, known as Silent Hills, the developer and studio parted ways. However, it looks like Hideo Kojima may have something in the works now from his own studio, Kojima Productions.

Kojima Productions brought out its debut title into the market, Death Stranding, which was a hit. However, it looks like players might get to dabble a bit longer into the world of Death Stranding. A reliable industry insider that goes by the name Navtra, took to ResetEra and unveiled Death Stranding: Extended Edition. Apparently, this is an upcoming installment to the game which adds more storyline content and it would be available for both the PlayStation 4 along the PlayStation 5. It’s uncertain just what storyline content will be added, but the consensus online suggests that we would see Norman Reedus step back into the role of Sam Porter Bridges in order to deliver more content.

Again, this is just a rumor right now, but it could allow some players to hold off from purchasing Death Stranding today as we might see an announcement relatively soon for this supposed upcoming title. Likewise, those that have a Death Stranding copy today might end up having to pay for this update if this is a more storyline expansion to the game. Of course, all that is rumors for now as there’s no official confirmation from Kojima Productions on a Death Stranding: Extended Edition.

For now, we will have to wait and see just what Kojima Productions will bring out next. The same can be said for Hideo Kojima’s former employer, Konami, who recently made some internal changes to their gaming division. In the meantime, you can check out our Before You Buy episode coverage on Death Stranding down below.

Source: Gamesradar, ResetEra