Fallout 76 Update Buffs Up Your Storage Space

Fallout 76 happens to be the latest Fallout installment for the franchise though it’s quite a bit different in comparison to past main video game releases. The development team over at Bethesda crafted up Fallout 76 to be an online multiplayer title that takes place before previous Fallout games. Here players become a member from Vault 76 where their goal is to help rebuild the wasteland when the vault opens twenty-five years after the nuclear war. While this is still an action RPG, the gameplay is centered on building up and maintaining settlements.

For instance, when players have managed to build up a base, they will have to defend it from the mutated monsters both old and new along with other hostile players. This game had a messy launch. We knew going in that this title would be more about players making the game narrative about building up civilization. However, it received a good bit of flack for not having a campaign narrative really to give players more content to go through. Fortunately, that changed with new updates that added NPCs and quests for players to complete.  

While Fallout 76 first came out into the marketplace back in 2018, the folks over at Bethesda have been delivering new updates and post-release content for players. In fact, one of the latest patches has just gone out to the game. In this update, players will find that their Stash limit has been increased to 1,200 pounds which gives you even more weight to manage. Furthermore, there are more updates that add means to further break your inventory down into categories such as armor and consumables. For a complete breakdown of the patch, updates check out the source link for the official patch notes.

As mentioned, Fallout 76 has released into the marketplace back in 2018 so you can pick up a copy of the game right now. Fallout 76 can be enjoyed on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. In fact, for a bit more insight into the game, we have a Before You Buy episode upload featured around the Wastelanders update down below.

Source: Bethesda