Outriders Have Been Delayed But Players Will Get A Free Demo Ahead Of Launch 

A new FPS from the developers People Can Fly, who you may be familiar with from Bulletstorm and Gears Judgement, is in the works. Known as Outriders, this is an FPS that features cooperative gameplay with players being able to freely drop in and out at any given time. Being a brand new IP, there’s quite a bit of excitement about just how this game will handle upon launch.

With that said, we know that this game features an odd hostile world where players are gunning through creatures to reach an energy source. People Can Fly has a pretty solid track record with FPS and as a result, we have some pretty high expectations for this upcoming game. So far the gameplay footage looks a bit similar to the likes of Destiny where players will head into an area and fight off a slew of enemies before moving on.

It looks like the development team opted to delay the game to April 1, 2021, which is not an early April fool’s joke. In what could be a move to avoid any kind of backlash at launch like CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, the developers are not only going to delay the game to further polish the title up but offer players a free demo ahead of launch. This demo will give players a good amount of gameplay to try out to decide if the title is worth the purchase or even preorder.

From the tweet released, Outriders will have a demo on February 25, 2021, which would give the first few hours of the campaign for players to try. It will also allow players to try each class so this will at least give players a taste of the game before its launch. After Cyberpunk 2077’s rocky launch, it seems like demos like this one could be a more favorable move for studios going forward.

Source: Twitter