Dishonored Creator Is Working On An Unannounced Project

It looks like the co-creator behind Dishonored is hard at work with a new project. Dishonored was a beloved franchise set in a steampunk world where players took on the role of being an assassin. Not only were players able to attack opponents with melee combat but there was the added benefit of a supernatural element at the player’s disposal called Blink. This essentially gave players the ability to teleport around. 

We know that Harvey Smith is working at Arkane Austin on an unannounced project after he spoke with the publication Vandal which was translated by IGN. All that Harvey Smith made note of is that he’s working on a project with the people behind Dishonored and Prey. Both franchises are pretty iconic and have a strong fan base so perhaps we could see another installment release. Games take quite a bit of money so going with a franchise that’s already established could be a safe bet. 

While we know Arkane is working on Deathloop, there’s nothing else noted about what else may be in development. A lot of chatter is about the acquisition of Microsoft and ZeniMax Media which would put Arkane under the control of Microsoft. However, until that acquisition is finalized, Microsoft can’t dictate current projects. Of course, with that said, when everything is finalized, Microsoft could see this game release on the Xbox Game Pass at launch and could even keep this game from launching on other platforms. 

For now, it’s purely a waiting game to see just what this new project is about, what platforms it will release on, and just when we’ll see the game launch into the marketplace. Only time will tell, but being the teams behind Prey and Dishonored, do you think we’ll see a new installment to these IPs or another stealth-based video game title IP?

Source: IGN