Limited Run Games Will Be Holding A Extremely Limited Sale Next Month

When it comes to big video game titles you can be assured that there will be both physical and digital versions of the game readily available. There’s typically no concern about a game not having a physical version for those that prefer to keep their games in a collection or worry that they could potentially be lost due to one reason or another online. However, for small indie titles, there’s usually only digital formats available.

That’s where Limited Run Games came into play. This company was created purely as a means to offer collections a physical version of some beloved indie titles. As the name suggests, these editions are extremely limited as the company makes a small print run on purpose with no intentions of offering another run of a video game despite requests or popularity.

Most video game titles that are put out from Limited Run Games are quick to be sold out. Some titles even come with the edition of a unique collection that offers a bit more physical content for fans. However, if you know what the company is putting out into the market, it’s best to be ready to make a purchase the day it becomes available as the titles can sell out fast or end up getting flipped online for a premium price. 

Today, we’re finding out that Limited Run Games is holding a special blowout sale on January 1, 2021, which won’t come packed with games that are currently available right now. Instead, this sale is featuring games that were used for replacements and convention stock that didn’t end up being used. As a result, there is an extremely limited available stock to be sold and you can expect this sale to be available on Limited Run Games official websites on January 1, 2021, starting at 10 AM ET. 

Source: Twitter