Respawn Entertainment Has A New IP In Development

Respawn Entertainment is a pretty popular video game development studio and it’s still fairly new. After being founded in 2010, the video game studio is only a decade old but so far the team behind this company has delivered fans some pretty incredible works. While there are a few video game IPs that Respawn was able to bring out, it doesn’t look like the team is ready to settle in on just producing sequels at this point. There is apparently a brand new IP already in the works.

If you look back at Respawn Entertainment, this EA subsidiary has brought out the Titanfall franchise, Apex Legends, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. All of which have been popular video game titles, but there is another game apparently in the works that are not attached to any of the mentioned titles. This announcement came in the form of a job posting through Respawn Entertainment. According to the post that is seeking out a Generalist Software Engineer, the employee would be joining a small team to bring out a brand new IP. 

There are a few reasons why someone would find Respawn Entertainment a bit inviting to work with as well. The studio has made it clear that the employees would get on the ground floor when it comes to involvement with the brand new IP. It’s all about bringing out new and enticing gameplay which will hopefully translate just as well as the previous video game installments.

Again, this is just a job posting and there’s no information regarding just what the new IP is about or if there is a new IP already established yet. At any rate, Respawn Entertainment can be surprising with their reveals. After all, Apex Legends was a surprise release that quickly took the internet by storm. 

Source: Respawn