Resident Evil Village Game Build Has Leaked

Resident Evil has been a long-running video game franchise for Capcom. Most everyone knows about the franchise as it has countless video game installments to even a blockbuster movie series as well. While Capcom has been going back with the franchise and delivering fans’ remakes to the earlier installments to this series, they have opted to make the next big Resident Evil game a brand new entry. 

Fans who were hoping to continue on the narrative of Resident Evil 7 will find themselves taking on the role of Ethan once again in Resident Evil Village. This game will take place after the events of Resident Evil 7 and with it comes a new location, enemies, and likely a wide cast of characters. However, it looks like some fans won’t have to wait before they learn more about the game than what Capcom likely had ever intended prior to its release.

We’re not entirely sure just when Resident Evil Village is going to launch into the marketplace. So far, the game only has a 2021 launch window, but it wasn’t long ago that Capcom found themselves facing a ransomware attack. These attacks hit various companies with the group responsible aiming to receive money through different online mediums. Normally, a hack takes place and information or content is stolen with the threat of releasing the content online. It was rumored that the ransomware group released a list of video game projects that were coming out from Capcom over the next few years.

Now it looks like Capcom is finding a development build of Resident Evil Village uploaded online. As a result, information is flooding the internet about the different enemies and plot points of the game. It’s a massive blow to Capcom and we’re uncertain just what this may mean for Resident Evil Village. Furthermore, with the hackers apparently not getting their demanded payment there’s no telling what else may get leaked out online.

Source: PC Gamer