Epic Games Store Will Offer 15 Free Games This Month

For years the main source for PC gamers to pick up video games is through Valve’s Steam digital marketplace. It’s been a reliable source that’s been built up with quite a massive catalog of video games along with features. You can connect with friends, leave reviews on titles, interact with a community, and unlock achievements to name just a few features. 

While there have been competitor digital marketplace services that have come out over the past few years, there hasn’t been any to really offer too much competition outside of select exclusives. That came to an end with Epic Games Store as Epic Games not only had the funds to deliver a digital marketplace service but was capable of bringing out some unique strategies to get consumers onto the digital storefront. 

For instance, Epic Games would seek out developers to strike up deals. These deals not only offer a better revenue cut for publishers and developers, but they would keep the title on the storefront exclusively for a duration of time. While that may not be the most popular strategy for consumers that are wanting to enjoy the games under Steam, there is one strategy that has proved to be popular.

Epic Games Store has been offering free video game titles for those that download the client storefront and make a free account. From there, players can enjoy the free video games after simply claiming the title under their account. This is usually done in a weekly matter where players can get anything from a small indie game to some major hitters such as Grand Theft Auto V. Now it looks like Epic Games Store is getting ready for their holiday season sale but to go along with these deals are 15 days of free video game titles which kicks off on December 17, 2020.

Source: Twitter