Halo Infinite Actor Claims The Game Will Release Spring Of 2021

Halo is a massive exclusive franchise for Microsoft. Every console release had the game featured prominently. Fans of the franchise had been waiting for the next chapter in this long-running series which is set to be Halo Infinite. For a few years, it’s been a game that only received short teasers with a promise that 2020 would see the official unveiling of the gameplay. When that event finally showed up, it was met with lackluster to poor consumer feedback.

Fans were not impressed by the visuals of the Halo Infinite gameplay. It looked a bit dated and there were some bugs noticed as well. Being the next Halo installment that would be set for the next-generation console platform from Microsoft, fans were let down by the studio. After all, leading up to the reveal Microsoft was boasting that the Xbox Series X was the most powerful console of all time which hyped up fans on what their flagship exclusive FPS could potentially look like. All this backlash from the gameplay footage had forced 343 Industries and Microsoft to delay the game.

Rather than releasing alongside the Xbox Series X as a launch title, fans only got notice that the game would be delayed out of 2020 and into 2021. Since then, there was no word on just when the game would hit the marketplace. Now a new interview featuring the motion capture actor for Halo Infinite may have alerted fans on when they can expect to see this game. During an interview on Dan Allen Gaming, actor Bruce Thomas who motion-captured Master Chief stated that everything is in the can and ready to be shipped this Spring.

That’s of course all that he knows at the moment since there’s been no word on him returning back to the studio in order to capture any additional work. Likewise, this is not an official statement from 343 Industries or Microsoft so we don’t really know just when the game will launch. However, spring could be plausible since the game was essentially completed already. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what 343 Industries reveals in the hopeful near future.

Source: Gamesradar