Halo Infinite May Receive A Battle Royale Game Mode


Recently, 343 Industries community manager, Brian Jarrard had responded to the rumor on his official Twitter account. According to Brian, the rumors are unfounded however, the real news of what’s happening with the game is coming in the near future as the team puts together a year-end update.

Original Story…

The Halo franchise is a massive one. Fans have been following this IP since the original Xbox and since then there have been several games released into the market and so far there hasn’t been an Xbox console release into the marketplace that doesn’t have a Halo title or two for players to enjoy. While the Xbox Series X was originally meant to be released into the market with the upcoming installment to the beloved science fiction FPS, Halo Infinite, the title was forced into being delayed.

It took a good while before 343 Industries showcased the gameplay footage for the next thrilling chapter to the Halo franchise. However, when it finally got its debut online, it was met with lackluster and negative reviews. Fans were quick to pick the footage apart and alerted their disappointment on the visuals for this next-generation title. Ultimately, after the flack on the visuals of this gameplay footage, 343 Industries, and Microsoft found it best to delay the game and bring the Xbox Series X out into the marketplace without Halo as a launch title.

Now the game is pinned to release sometime in 2021, but a new rumor is circulating online. Apparently, if this rumor proves to be true, Microsoft is demanding a battle royale game mode to be attached with the upcoming Halo Infinite release. This battle royale craze is still just as popular right now and we’re seeing several franchises and new games released dedicated towards a battle royale game mode. 

This is purely just a rumor going around right now and we have no way of knowing how accurate this is. We’re not sure just how this would work either with the Halo franchise and just what it may look like. At any rate, we’re still waiting just to see when Halo Infinite will launch and how it looks compared to its original release.

Source: VG247

Source Update: Twitter