Emulator Enthusiasts Are Loving The Xbox Series S

There is a ton of love for emulators. It’s a bit of a gray area but most everyone knows about emulation and the ability to enjoy some of the past classic video game titles through modern hardware. While most of these emulators are done through PCs, there have been a few more hardware devices released into the market that has been favored by gamers.

While there are plenty of options out there to enjoy some classic video game titles, some enthusiasts are finding the Xbox Series S to be a powerful emulating machine. The Xbox Series S doesn’t get as much coverage as the Xbox Series X. Although it can play the next-generation video game console titles, it’s a machine that’s not as powerful as its big brother, the Xbox Series X. This does come at the advantage of being a bit cheaper.

Now it’s being discovered as not only a gaming machine that can run the latest video game titles at a slight downgrade in visuals and performance but a potential powerhouse for emulation. Through developer mode that consumers can purchase for a small $20 fee, players can download different developer builds. In this case, the popular emulation software is known as RetroArch. If you’re unfamiliar with the software, it’s capable of running multiple emulators.

Emulating on the Xbox Series S is still very new and the build for emulators is filled with bugs. However, it’s showing promise as gamers can enjoy the likes of the Nintendo GameCube. Now we’re finding videos surfacing online showing the PlayStation 2 emulator running on the Xbox Series S. It’s clear that there are several obstacles in players’ way in order to get the system running perfectly with the PS2 emulation, but so far the various big hit titles are running. This could make the Xbox Series S a perfect piece of hardware if you wish to enjoy a mix of new title releases and emulators.

Source: YouTube, VGC