Is Sony Bringing Out A New PS VR Headset?

VR was a bigger new platform for gaming this past generation of consoles. We had a few headsets and companies emerge that made VR possible within the home. While at first mainly being a PC piece of hardware that required specific components to run not only the headset but to play games, it wasn’t long before Sony stepped up to bring out their own VR iteration.

The PlayStation VR was a PlayStation 4 piece of hardware. It offered players a chance to enjoy VR through the headset while being connected to the PlayStation 4. Likewise, through motion controllers or the DualShock 4, players could go through a variety of video game titles. While not as expensive as the hardware to run a VR headset from a gaming PC, the PS VR received quite a few adopters initially. However, when the PlayStation 5 was unveiled, some were hoping that Sony would bring out a new upgrade to the PlayStation VR headset as well. 

That didn’t pan out the way some had hoped. Instead, Sony stated that support for the PlayStation VR headset that came out originally for the PlayStation 4 would still be available. Likewise, you could expect the PlayStation 5 to work with the PlayStation VR headset as well. You will need to keep some of the hardware components from the PlayStation 4 along with requesting a free PSVR adaptor for the PS5, but overall, the headset will be compatible with the latest console platform.

Now a new patent is making its rounds online that shows Sony’s interest in making some adjustments to the PS VR. The biggest is the haptic feedback which will be built into the headset. We’re not sure just how this will play in video games but this could provide more of an immersive experience. Unfortunately, the patent doesn’t tell us much outside of having LED light indicators and is likely built to be a bit more powerful. Being a patent doesn’t mean that we can expect this hardware to ever come out. This is just a standard means to protect Sony if they wish to pursue this VR headset route.

Source: Pocket Lint