A Mod Is Allowing Skyrim To Hit 60 FPS On Xbox Series X

I’m surprised that we’re still talking about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at this point. This game has been around for years and it’s still popping up on the latest platform launches. While I feel like most everyone has played through this game, it does seem like there are some urges to dive back into this high fantasy title once again. The game can also be enjoyed on the latest platforms right now such as the Xbox Series X.

I can’t fathom just how many hours I’ve sunk into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim when it initially launched. This was back on the Xbox 360 where we had to endure bugs, crashes, and those long loading times. However, what you might find of interest is that there’s a mod to further enhanced The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim experience on the Xbox Series X which is a big difference from the game’s initial launch. You might find it a bit surprising but the Skyrim video game doesn’t feature 60 FPS on the Xbox Series X as is.

There’s a mod out that can allow players to get that 60 FPS experience. This Uncap FPS Mod will allow the game to run at a fixed 60 FPS which some are surprised it’s not already running at 60 FPS, to begin with. For those of you who happen to have an Xbox Series X, which is become quite the feat itself at this point, you can download the mod right from the game.

For now, this could give you just another incentive in replaying the game while we wait for that next mainline installment. Unfortunately, we don’t know when that will be as Bethesda previously stated that Starfield, a new IP, is coming out before The Elder Scrolls VI. With that said, we don’t know anything about Starfield so I imagine it will be a few years before we get any details about the next Elder Scrolls game.

Source: Reddit