CrossfireX Has Been Delayed To 2021

Crossfire is a popular FPS that got its start within the Eastern markets. Developed by Smilegate and released in 2007, the title flourished and thanks to the announcement made during E3 2019, we were introduced to CrossfireX. This is also being developed by Smilegate and is heading to the Western markets starting with the Xbox One console first. Likewise, it will still feature two mercenary corporations for players to fight for, either the Black List terrorist-style group or the Global Risk. 

This will still be an FPS online video game for players to fight against each other or team up in battle. Likewise, we know that Remedy Entertainment is helping out with a campaign narrative for players to go through as well. Unfortunately, it looks like we may be waiting a bit longer than expected to get our hands on a copy of the game. Much like other projects that were slated this year, it’s been delayed.

Currently, CrossfireX is slated to launch at some point in 2021. As you can expect, there was a push to get the game out into 2021 after the development team was dealing with this current worldwide health pandemic outbreak situation. The coronavirus is a massive issue for everyone and the same could be said for development teams. Most studios had closed up their locations for the time being while employees are put to work remotely. 

It’s certainly an obstacle that developers are having to overcome in order to bring out their video game titles into the market. However, it’s not surprising to see more studios are finding that this transitioned period and being separated is proving to be rather difficult. As a result, video games are quickly getting delayed out of 2020 and into 2021. This could lead to a rather filled year of video game titles, but for now, it looks like those that were anticipating CrossfireX’s release will need to hold off a little while longer.

Source: Twitter