Microsoft Still Holding Off On Their Pricing For Next-Gen

There had been big talks in regards to the pricing for new video game software. For years now we’ve been accustomed to paying just $60 for a brand new AAA video game title. However, that has since changed with more publishers and developers opting to launch video games into the market for a $10 price increase. However, not every company has come out to suggest just how much the latest and greatest video game titles will end up costing consumers. In fact, some suggest that there may be a difference in terms of what some games may receive over others. However, Microsoft has yet to make any kind of an announcement.

Price increases have been a hot topic. With the amount of money and resources that go into creating some of these massive video game titles, we’re not surprised to see the price jump. With each new console generation, there is more power and components that developers can make use of when crafting their latest games. As you can imagine, the more power offered the more a developer can create which results in more money being dumped into development.

Now there are companies committed to releasing their latest video game titles for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X at $69.99. It’s only a $10 increase but that may be enough to sway some gamers from picking up titles at launch. Microsoft is keeping their pricing a secret too as they haven’t released a new game specifically for the Xbox Series X yet. Instead, it looks like Microsoft won’t be dwelling on how much they are going to ask of consumers quite yet.

This bit of news came from the Microsoft Xbox CFO Tim Stuart, who recently spoke at the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment conference. It was during this conference, Tim noted that Microsoft is now making any specific announcements for the pricing side of things quite yet. However, it won’t be long before they have to make some kind of announcement for fans. With the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass subscription being part of new video game titles from Microsoft also has us wondering if Microsoft will be relying on individual game purchases as well.

Source: VGC