Xbox Series X Disc Drive Problems Are Appearing Online

With 2020 coming towards an end, there was plenty of hype building up for this year by the video game industry. It was during 2019 that we knew this would know both Microsoft and Sony would be bringing out their next-generation video game console platforms into the marketplace. While the entire world was hit with a health pandemic outbreak, nothing was stopping either company from bringing out their next-generation console platforms. Now that the consoles are here, fans can start enjoying them to their fullest capabilities.

Of course, purchasing new units especially at launch can be a risky move. In fact, some are finding new risks coming up that wouldn’t normally be an issue such as long delays. However, other more notable risks that come with any new console launch are some problematic areas that companies might not have expected. These problems can range in a variety of areas but it’s usually what prompts companies to make some revisions before putting the next batch of consoles into the market. Microsoft has been out a bit longer right now than Sony so we’re seeing more problems coming up online such as screws coming out of the console

Now the latest issue that is starting to make their rounds online is problematic disc drives. Again, there were problems in the past with disc drives for several consoles, but this latest on the Xbox Series X seems to be based on how loud some of these drives actually are. It’s enough to get people talking online about their console being too loud and possibly requiring some kind of a warrant fix.

We’re not sure just how widespread the problem is but it could be the start of more consumers chiming in about their Xbox Series X disc drive. Likewise, this is just the first few days of these consoles being available so there very well may be other issues that will pop up in the near future. Sony just launched their PlayStation 5 console as well so we expect some issues to make headlines as well from select console units that didn’t quite pass quality control standards. 

Source: Comicbook