Xbox Series X Owners Are Finding Screws Falling Out Of Console

2020 was quite the anticipated year for the video game industry. This would be the year that both Sony and Microsoft would be bringing out their next-generation video game console platforms. Of course, we didn’t suspect the world to be hit with a giant worldwide health pandemic outbreak that is known as the coronavirus. But this virus didn’t stop Microsoft from getting their console out into the marketplace on time and it’s not going to stop Sony from seeing the PlayStation 5 hit the marketplace this week.

However, there may have been a rush to get some of these consoles out. While the coronavirus may have delayed some production down, it looks like Microsoft may have put out a few consoles that were not completely done. It’s not too out of the ordinary to see some consoles from the first batch be a bit faulty before revisions are made. It’s a bit of a risk purchasing a new unit as sometimes you can find no problems at all occur while other consoles can be sent back for warranty repairs.

With that said, a report from Superco-opBros has emerged online showing that their Xbox Series X purchase came with a loose screw that fell out of the console. This is a Torx screw which the report states it’s likely from the chassis. At any rate, it prompted the publication to ask others online if their console also came with a screw loose, and it looks like the publication isn’t alone on this issue.

We’re not sure how widespread this problem is but it could mean that there might be a series of returns made in hopes that everything is exactly where it should be within the console chassis. Now eyes may be on Sony to see just how well their PlayStation 5 launch goes within the first few markets of its release this November 12, 2020. For now, it looks like this is the only major problem to come out from the Xbox Series X in terms of quality control.

Source: Superco-opbros