Sony PlayStation 5 Will Have 667 GB Of Free Storage Space


It looks like there is going to be some limitations at launch. While the internal storage is limited, it looks like there will be options to load content on an external hard drive. Apparently, Sony is looking at options to store content and games on an external USB drive. However, it’s worth noting that this is only to store the content as you won’t be able to play PlayStation 5 games directly from the external drive. With that said, it looks like you will be able to play PlayStation 4 games through the external device.

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2020 has been quite the hyped-up year for the video game industry. The anticipation only grew as we knew that this year would be the one to deliver both the next-generation Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. These next-generation video game consoles brought in quite a bit of excitement as we entered 2020, but things took a turn for the worse. With the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak that has hit the world by storm, it was uncertain as to if these consoles would even hit the marketplace on time. That’s fortunately been confirmed to not be the case as both consoles will be available on time this month. 

Of course, with that said, there have been a few hoops that both Sony and Microsoft had to jump through just to market these console platforms. Normally, the new console release would come with different events and expos featuring the platforms. Questions could be asked and generally, the platforms would be toured around a bit so that players interested in the consoles could get a chance in playing them. Now with the events and expos canceled, both Sony and Microsoft had to resort to online streams and video uploads.

As a result, some of the fine details have been missing for certain aspects of the consoles. For instance, one of the notable pieces of information we have been wondering about is the storage space both platforms would be featuring. Recently, an Xbox Series S was released ahead of time and a lucky user has been playing around with the platform. That’s where we got word on its storage space which you can read about right here.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the PlayStation 5. However, while no units have managed to release ahead of its intended launch, that’s of course uncertain as no one’s claimed to own a consumer unit, there are review units out there. In fact, one review unit was brought up online and showcased the console comes with 667 GB of storage space free on the SSD. That’s with the OS and default applications installed such as Astro’s Playroom. 

While it’s not as small as the Xbox Series S, the storage drive does offer players a bit of room to download content. Fortunately, for Sony, there is an SSD upgrade pathway through select NVMe SSDs that’s marked accessible for the PlayStation 5. That could allow some gamers to make the necessary upgrades without having to go with a more proprietary means such as the Xbox Series X/S expandable storage drives.

Source: Twitter 

Source Update: PS Blog