Xbox Series S Storage Size Is Quite Small

Going into 2020 there was quite the building anticipation for the video game industry. This was the year that both Sony and Microsoft would be bringing out their next-generation video game console platforms. Both next-generation console platforms will have two variations with the PlayStation 5 featuring a standard console and a model that drops the mechanical disc drive making it an all-digital version. However, Microsoft went a slightly different route with their next-generation consoles.

The Xbox Series X is the flagship console model coming out this month, but alongside it is the Xbox Series S. This has been a highly rumored and speculated console coming out with the Xbox Series X. Overall, it’s a slightly underpowered version of the Xbox Series X that would still allow players to enjoy the latest Xbox video game titles. Furthermore, it’s drastically smaller and comes in a bit cheaper. While the Xbox Series X comes in at $499 the Xbox Series S will only run players $299.

While we know the console would be not as powerful as the Xbox Series X, it’s also coming in with a smaller storage drive. Recently, the internet was surprised to find that one lucky individual managed to get their hands on an Xbox Series S unit early and as a result, they have been releasing some information previously held back from Microsoft through Reddit. One of the questions fans have been wondering is just how much of the storage drive would be available for game downloads.

According to the individual that owns the Xbox Series S, the console will come with a 512 GB SSD but after the OS is placed on the drive, there are only 364 GB of storage available for game and application downloads. This is a rather small storage space to mess with for the next-generation of video game releases, but at the very least, the SSD can be expanded on through Microsoft’s official SSD drive, but that’s another additional cost that may put the Xbox Series S about the same price as the Xbox Series X. 

Source: Reddit