Marvel Content Is Here To Stay For Fortnite

Easily one of the most popular battle royale video game titles available in the marketplace is Epic Games’ Fortnite. This game blew up worldwide and managed to bring Epic Games a ton of revenue. There are fans both old and young enjoying this title and the various seasonal updates it brings out over the past few years. In fact, if you’re a Marvel fan, you’ve been likely enjoying this latest season which sees the launch of all kinds of Marvel content into Fortnite.

Seeing crossover events with Fortnite is certainly nothing new. This IP is so massive that other IPs are quick to make a deal for some type of promotional event. We’ve seen some pretty incredible season updates for this game in the past, but the latest is titled Nexus War, an event that has several iconic Marvel superhero and villain characters showing up to the battle. Some of you may have assumed that this was nothing more than a season event that would wrap up and get removed. However, that’s not going to be the case.

Recently, Epic Games Worldwide Creative Director, Donald Mustard, spoke with This Week in Marvel podcast about the event. According to Donald Mustard, this is just the start of what Epic Games and Marvel has planned. That’s one of the main reasons that Epic Games went with the name Nexus War for this event as it’s just the start of a long trek of Marvel-themed content. We could be seeing Marvel take some shape or form in Fortnite over the next several years. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information outside of that.

I’d imagine that other franchises will take center stage at different points, but these Marvel focused events could be something that happens in intervals giving the iconic superheroes a tough fight across the iconic island map. At any rate, we will have to wait and see just what Nexus War brings at the end of the season. In other news regarding Epic Games, the company is still in a legal battle to get Fortnite back on the likes of iOS which players have been forced to bypass the Nexus War event altogether due to the title being dropped from the marketplace and Epic Games not being able to offer any support.

Source: PC Gamer