God of War PS4 Saves Will Transfer To PS5

The God of War franchise is massively popular. After getting its start on the PlayStation 2, there have been several installments and spin-off titles released. It’s been a long-running series at this point and fans can’t get enough. We know another installment is in the works, but for now, it looks like we can just go back and enjoy God of War for the PlayStation 4. That installment alone really helped sell the PlayStation 4.

Fans were left with a bit of a cliffhanger for the God of War franchise after the PlayStation 3 console cycle game to an end. The story was seemingly told although what happened to Kratos at the end of it all was more or less a mystery. While Sony could have opted to leave the hack-and-slash franchise conclusion as is, we instead got a surprise reveal for the PlayStation 4. God of War was a soft reboot of sorts for the franchise.

Instead of a rage-fueled god killer, Kratos had settled down in a new land. Protected by his new love interest, Kratos had managed to start a new family. However, things took a turn for the worse when the spell was broken and the new Norse gods found Kratos leaving him to raise his son with the ability to protect himself and those he loves in a new intense journey. While fans of the franchise have already gone through this game, your saves won’t die on the PlayStation 4.

As you know we’re gearing towards the launch of the PlayStation 5 and that means bringing over our current catalog of titles along with bringing out some new installments made exclusively for the platform. For our current run of games, most titles will likely be available to transfer over onto the PlayStation 5. In fact, a tweet from the Santa Monica Studios Twitter account confirmed that save transfers will be available for the title along with the game being able to run up to 60 FPS using the Favor Performance video option.

Source: Twitter