Nintendo Has Officially Dropped The Joy-Con Price

The Nintendo Switch was a massive hit when it first launched into the market. After the less than stellar release of the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo brought out a new hybrid console that would offer a means to enjoy gaming either at home a television display or taken on-the-go. One of the ways that this was accomplished was the new controller setup Nintendo has dubbed Joy-Cons. Of course, these controllers haven’t been all that popular as of late.

These Nintendo Joy-Con controllers have been highlighted in the news for the faulty analog sticks. If you have been playing the Nintendo Switch for very long you’ve probably encountered the problem yourself. The analog stick can trigger movement without being touched and Nintendo has faced a couple of lawsuits over this issue which have yet to receive an outcome. At any rate, one thing is for sure, players either had to purchase new Joy-Cons or have them repaired. 

Purchasing these Joy-Cons are not necessarily cheap either. One side of the Joy-Con will cost players $49.99. However, that will soon change as Nintendo announced through their official Twitter account that a single Joy-Con will get marked down to $39.99. This is a small saving for a single Joy-Con, but it may still prove to be problematic later on with the dreaded Joy-Con drift.

As mentioned, we’re still waiting to hear about the Joy-Con drift lawsuits and if there will be anything done in the future to prevent these analog sticks from becoming faulty fairly soon after they are purchased and used. Of course, the alternative is out there where you can bypass the Joy-Cons altogether for a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or third-party aftermarket devices. 

Source: IGN